Taylor Cherie

What is Hearts in Bloom?

Hearts in Bloom is for people who seek to heal their lives by transforming their minds, bodies, and spirits from the inside out. It is a place for people to come and share their stories, dreams and hopes. It is a place where one can come find hope, faith, and support when one feels discouraged and alone. Hearts in bloom is more than a website that offers advice, it is a community of life changers. When one’s own personal life is transformed, the lives around them will also be transformed. We hope that you leave this site with better hope, support, faith and a better grip on healing.

Who is Taylor? 

Hello lovelies, my name is Taylor. I am a college student and attend ASU online College of Nursing and Innovation Health, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Integrative Health with a Pre-Med track. I am a Nationally certified Medical Assistant and work full time at a Naturopathic Doctor’s office by the beach in San Diego. I am a fur mamma to a sweet toy poodle named Charlie. I love God and strive to deepen my spiritual relationship daily.

I am the girl with the heart that yearns for people to be healed.

I am in remission from Lyme Disease and the journey to remission was definitely not an easy one. I am still on the healing journey from the damage the disease has done to my body.

Creating Hearts in Bloom came to me after many years of suffering from all types of adversities. It began when I was graduating High School and my health began to decline rapidly.

More About the Journey